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65 Years Of USAFA's Spouse Club

In 1958, wives of Air Force Academy officers came together to form the Air Force Academy Officer's Wives Club (OWC).

The club was officially activated on June 1, 1958. Before activating, a meeting was held at Arnold Hall on April 16th where 300 officers' wives attended to be introduced to the new club's advisory board and seven officers.

The first seven officers of the Air Force Academy Officer's Wives Club were:

President Mrs. Nancy Westbrook

First Vice President Mrs. Martha Macartney

Second Vice President Mrs. Dorothy Nash

Recording Secretary Mrs. Louise Lowry

Corresponding Secretary Mrs. Suzanne Russell

Treasurer Mrs. Neal Daugherty

Assistant Treasurer Mrs. Jacqueline Cowart

The first meeting of the new club was held on June 19, 1958 where members were given a special picnic lunch and a tour of the soon to open Academy campus. The Air Force Academy would open to cadets two months later on August 29, 1958.

In 1958 those interested in joining the new club needed to call Mrs. Delores Hunter at EMpire 6-5294. Luckily today all you have to do is click the button below and fill out an online form!


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