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March Social: Cooking Mediterranean!

If you were at our Friendsgiving you would know that our social chair, Eva Kaskos, makes some mean Mediterranean food! By popular demand, Eva gave us a Mediterranean cooking lesson at the USAFA community chapel kitchen for lunch social on March 12. She generously shared her grandmother’s recipes and tips with our club members.

To start, Eva shared the ingredients she uses for deliciously tangy grape leaves and then taught us how to wrap them.

Then she showed us how to make falafel, teaching us about the right texture of the mixture before frying them.

Then she taught us how to make a simple Biryani which mainly uses rice, chicken and Eva’s special secret spice mix.

We had a lot of fun - it was like having our own private cooking show!

Our host also taught us to make colorful and lemony fatoush salad. It turned out to be quite simple and delicious!

It wouldn’t be a proper Mediterranean meal without hummus, baba ganoush and tzatziki. And voila, lunch is served!

At the end of lunch, we had a Ways and Means drawing for a waffle maker basket, which included a a griddle that makes heart-shaped waffles and some ingredients to make and serve the waffles. We also did a second drawing for a jar of grape leaves donated by Eva.

Everyone was well-fed, happy and ready to cook Mediterranean again!


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