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Front Range Spouses Clubs

The Front Range is home to multiple military installations. These installations bring together Air Force, Space Force and Army members. Many families live close to one installation while working on another.

If you are eligible to join the Academy Spouses' Club then there are two additional spouses clubs in the area that you might also consider joining.

While the ASC hopes that everyone who visits our website decides to join our club, we understand that every potential member has different needs from a spouses club.

Please join the club (or clubs!) that best serves your needs!

The PSC Spouses Club works to create a community of support for military members and families stationed in the Colorado Springs area by providing educational scholarships for military affiliated students; promoting volunteerism; supporting charitable community programs and events through monetary grants; and hosting events to strengthen social connections between military members, spouses, and families.


The purpose of the MPSC shall be to foster and encourage a spirit of community within Fort Carson, Fountain and the greater Colorado Springs areas.

MPSC desires to support improving the quality of life for military families by promoting social, recreational, cultural, and educational activities.

Additionally, the MPSC strives to support Fort Carson soldiers and their families, as well as the local communities, by providing financial assistance in the forms of education scholarships, SFRG and communities grants.

Philanthrophy. Friendship. Fun.

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