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Preparing the ASC Thrift Shop to Reopen!

On September 20, 2023, the Academy Spouses' Club was informed that we had regained approval to operate a Thrift Shop on the Air Force Academy!

After months of closure, the shop is in need of a refresh before we reopen the doors.

Luckily the ASC is full of amazing women who were willing to volunteer their Tuesday to getting the clear-out and clean-up process started!

On Tuesday October 3rd, our Volunteer Thrift Shop Manager Holly Schwarz began the process of preparing the Thrift Shop for its reopening.

She was joined by five volunteers who cleared out broken and unusable items. They also cleaned the glass doorways and set up a display!

When the Thrift Shop reopens it will be a donations only store.

All clothing items will be prices based on category except for speciality items. Household goods will also be prices individually.


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