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Building An Eagle!

The Academy Spouses' Club Thrift Shop was the lucky recipient of an Eagle Scout Project!

Eagle Scout Candidate Henry Stephenson lead a group of volunteers from Troop 66 on Tuesday January 2nd in his project.

The goal of his project was to build additional shelving in the ASC Thrift Shop, secure any loose bookshelves and rearrange some pegboard.

The scouts started out by removing several sections of pegboard along the ASC Thrift Shop wall that leads to the changing rooms. This wall is where additional shelving needed to go in.

Troop 66 meets off-base at St. Michael's Episcopal Church on Tuesdays. A majority of Troop 66 scouts are military-affiliated.

Once the pegboard was removed, Henry supervised while the volunteers measured out where the new shelves need to be installed.

Abiding by Scout Rules regarding who can handle power tools, the older scouts drilled the new supports into the wall.

Younger scouts worked hard by running supplies where they were needed, helping with measuring and other tasks that allowed the project to go smoothly.

Several of the volunteers spent the entire five hours of the project working on bookshelves around the shop.

The ASC Thrift Store has always focusing on reuse when possible, so many of our displays are donated bookshelves.

These bookshelves are now safely secured to the wall thanks to these dedicated volunteers!

The final task (before cleanup!) was to reinstall some of the removed pegboard.

The pegboard will soon feature wall art and decor that you can purchase!

Come and see the work that these amazing volunteers put in starting Saturday January 6th at our Grand Re-Opening!

Starting January 10th, the ASC Thrift Shop will be open:

  • Wednesdays 1PM to 5PM

  • Thursdays 10AM to 2PM

  • Fridays 10AM to 2PM

  • Every Third Saturday 10AM to 2PM


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