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October Social: Halloween Bunco!

Friday the 13th wasn't scary for Academy Spouses' Club members this month!

October's Academy Spouses' Club social was held at the Falcon Club. Members enjoyed a nacho bar luncheon before getting in the action of


There was a three-way tie for most Mini Buncos, so members Bettina, Edna and Shonee had to roll for the winner.

However, member Melissa had no competition in the Biggest Bunco Loser category.

Since it was Halloween, Bunco wasn't the only game being played. There was also a costume contest with three categories!

1) Best OG Club Member: Shonee Stallworth rocked the 1959 look!

Her Prize: A fascinating blue fascinator!

2) Best Barbie: Amy Clark was the grooviest Disco Barbie around!

Her Prize: A Barbie of course!

3) Best Of The Rest: Nicole Ferguson couldn't hide in her amazing Waldo costume!

Her Prize: Some cookin' Halloween decor!


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