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November Social: Friends-Giving!

On Tuesday November 14th Advisor Robin Werner was kind enough to open her home and host the Academy Spouses' Club's November social.

Each member was asked to bring a dish to share... and for those that couldn't or didn't want to bring a dish, ASC Board Members pulled recipes from the club's historic cookbooks to bring in their name!

But Friends-Giving is about more than the food - it is also about the games!

Host Robin and Social Chair Eva came up with a series of 'Minute To Win It!' style games for all the guests to participate in.

The first game was a race to see who could get the most marshmallows in a bowl within one minute. Apparently the trick was to bounce the marshmallow in instead of trying to hit the bowl directly!

Next up was a race to see who could transfer the most penne noodles to a second plate while only using a spaghetti noodle!

The third game of the night was popular and had several rounds - pulling paper cards from a stack of cups without letting the cups fall down!

The final game of the night combined candy, straws and plates to see who could transfer the most M&Ms from one plate to another.

Each game was a "face off" style, so whoever won the face off got to take home a prize. All prizes were kindly donated by the evening's host Robin.


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