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What Does USAFAASC Actually Mean?

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Our website address looks like a jumble of letters but it does mean something!

U(nited) S(tates) A(ir) F(orce) A(cademy) A(cademy) S(pouses') C(lub)

Wait... United States Air Force Academy Academy Spouses' Club?

Yes, we really did include Academy twice. That's because most people just refer to the physical Academy as USAFA (You-Saw-Fa). The official name of our club is Academy Spouses' Club. So even though it seems silly to use the word Academy twice, if you were to talk to one of us in person, we would refer to the club as The Academy Spouses' Club on USAFA.

Or to make it even simpler A.S.C. on USAFA.

We also want to point out that we're a SPOUSES club. That means ALL spouses. Our club is open to anyone who is married to someone military connected. We are open to officer, enlisted, military civilian, national guard and reserve spouses. We are open to Air Force, Space Force, Army and Navy spouses. We are open to E-1, GS-5 and O-10 spouses. We are open to spouses who have been married six weeks and sixty years.

All we ask of our members is that they be committed to our mission:

Have Fun. Make Friends. Give Back.

The Academy Spouses' Club strives to foster strong bonds between military connected spouses and raise funds to support the Pike's Peak/local military community.



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